Michael Martinovsky, Attorney at Law, San Francisco, Russian Speaking

Construction Law

The construction business is complex and full of both logistical and legal challenges.  In California, the construction industry is regulated by a web of laws which if not observed may lead to severe consequences for the enterprise.  These regulations encompass various legal fields from consumer protection to regulatory compliance and thus require an interdisciplinary approach to the formation and the operation of any construction related business. 

I specialize in navigating construction industry specific regulations in order to best achieve your objectives.  I can be an invaluable asset to your business from formation to licensing to contract drafting and negotiation.  Knowing the intricacies of the laws regulating the construction industry allows me to set up construction related businesses faster and with fewer hurdles for the entrepreneur.  Depending on the circumstances, a would be entrepreneur may be able to avoid the examination requirements imposed by the California State Licensing Board and thus may be able to obtain a license where otherwise it would not have been possible. 

Moreover, I can help any construction business with contract drafting, negotiation, and enforcement.  Sometimes a carefully drafted contract can be the difference between a job that was performed and one that was abandoned.  Moreover, if need be I will pursue my client’s interests through litigation and to trial assuring that their objectives are achieved and their reputation and good will are preserved.