Michael Martinovsky, Attorney at Law, San Francisco, Russian Speaking

Personal Injury

If you have suffered an injury, the process of obtaining a recovery can be daunting and confusing.  You may have to deal with hostile insurance adjustors while trying to obtain treatment and repair your vehicle.  You may find that insurance companies which were working for your have turned against you.  If you have suffered an injury, your first step should be to contact an attorney as soon as possible.  I can help you find out if you are qualified to collect compensation for the injury and damages you sustained.

Personal injuries can occur in a wide range of circumstances; however, the leading causes of personal injuries can be attributed to vehicle accidents, falls, and assault and battery.  I have significant experience in the personal injury field from defending Fortune 500 corporations against personal injury mass tort lawsuits to fighting insurance companies for the rights of the victims of car accidents.  Having worked on both the defense side and the plaintiff’s side of personal injury litigation, I have a unique perspective on personal injury litigation which allows me to obtain the highest settlements or awards for my clients.

More importantly, unlike many other personal injury attorneys, as a courtroom specialist, I will not hesitate to take your matter into litigation and to trial should the need to do so arise.  An attorney who is willing to go to trial on every case is able to obtain better settlements and thereby avoid the expense and delay of litigation more often than an attorney who has earned a reputation for avoiding trial at all costs.  It is my ability and willingness to go to trial that will provide you with an edge starting from the negotiation process and all the way to settlement or verdict.