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General Civil Litigation

Litigation is a complex process both inside and outside of the courtroom. The strategy for winning your case begins long before your complaint is filed.  Evidence must be gathered, the strengths and weaknesses of the case must be assessed, and the right pre-litigation steps must be taken to insure that your case is on the winning path long before the court ever sees the first filing. Litigation is not won by one dramatic argument or piece of evidence. Instead your case must be built brick by brick, while at the same time, your opponents case must likewise be taken apart.

While in court you need an attorney confident in his written work product as well as in his oral advocacy. I have spent years specializing in trial procedure and training with the most respected national firms.  Whether it is at deposition, at a summary judgment hearing, or at trial, you can be confident that I will be in full command of the procedure, the facts, and the law.

I represent plaintiffs and defendants in controversies before federal and state courts, regulatory agencies and arbitration panels. I handle a wide range of civil legal disputes, including contract, real estate, general business, corporate, shareholder and partnership disputes, unfair competition, environmental, and personal injury.

I have developed in-depth knowledge of federal and state trial procedures and always keep abreast of current developments so that you can be assured that your attorney will not back down from litigation under any circumstances.