Michael Martinovsky, Attorney at Law, San Francisco, Russian Speaking

Firm and Legal News

7/7/09: Michael Martinovsky sets up a contractual infrastructure for a construction company allowing efficient and effective documentation of all assets of a construction management project. 

4/20/09: Michael Martinovsky negotiates a civil compromise in a misdemeanor proceeding leading to a dismissal of a criminal action by the State of California.

4/3/09: Michael Martinovsky helps clients form a painting company qualified to perform public projects under State and Local Regulations, including the Business and Professions Code, the California State Contractors Licensing Board Regulations, and various city ordinances regulating the awards of public works contracts.

3/11/09: Michael Martinovsky counsels entrepreneurs on setting up a construction business and obtaining a corporate General Contractor’s License through the use of a qualifier and avoiding the examination requirements imposed by the California State Contractors Licensing Board. 

3/3/09: Michael Martinovsky counsels a restaurant owner on best practices and drafts an employment agreement to obtain the services of key managerial talent.

2/3/09: Michael Martinovsky becomes general counsel to one of the Bay Area’s leading construction companies. 

1/7/09: Michael Martinovsky obtains a high settlement for a low speed, low impact automobile collision involving minor soft tissue personal injuries.

12/23/08: Michael Martinovsky negotiates a corporate demerger allowing all parties to continue to do business with no interruption of work and avoiding litigation.

12/1/08: The Law Offices of Michael Martinovsky, P.C. has moved to 201 Spear Street, Suite 1100, San Francisco, CA 94105.

10/16/08: Michael Martinovsky obtains a high settlement for personal injuries sustained by a minor involved in an automobile collision with an uninsured motorist.