Michael Martinovsky, Attorney at Law, San Francisco, Russian Speaking

The Law Offices of Michael Martinovsky, P.C.

San Francisco, CA

Legal disputes can be expensive, time consuming, and stressful. I strive to find non litigation solutions whenever possible. Avoiding litigation is always worthwhile, whether through a carefully drafted agreement prior to entering into a deal or through negotiation once a deal has broken down. Much can be achieved through professional negotiation backed by the knowledge of the law. However, should litigation be necessary, my clients will have the benefit of my years of litigation experience, my top academic credentials, and my commitment to pursue the case to trial and beyond.

My law practice has been established in order to provide clients with cost effective solutions and superior results. I believe that individuals and small business need to have access to the highest quality representation regardless of the size of their bank accounts. I believe that no one should be forced to give up their rights simply because someone else can afford to outspend them in court. That is why my approach focuses on finding cost effective solutions for clients through settlement negotiations, through pre-trial maneuvers, and through aggressive trial representation.